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Congratulations to CCSD's Retiring Educators! [1]

Congratulations to CCSD's Retiring Educators! [1]

The Cherokee County School District is celebrating its retiring educators and support staff!

The majority of the retirees noted below are ending their careers at the close of this school year; some retired earlier in the year based on their retirement eligibility date.

“Congratulations to each of our retirees for dedicating your career to serving our community’s children,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said.  “Whether you served in a classroom or behind the scenes, you made a positive difference in the lives of our students.  I know our entire community has benefitted from your exemplary service and joins me in wishing you the best as you enjoy your hard-earned retirement.”

CCSD’s 2020-21 retirees are:

ACE Academy: Katherine Betts, Terri Glasok, Greg LaBelle, William Norman, Camey Sanchez
Arnold Mill Elementary School: Julia Blake, Amy Deihl
Avery Elementary School: Lori Hohl, Marie Murray, Joy Winfrey
Ball Ground Elementary School STEM Academy: Patricia Cagle, Susan Lumpkin, Lisa Nations, Catherine Smith, Sherry Tucker
Bascomb Elementary School: Marsha Allen, Principal Kathleen Chandler, Gayle Eakin, Pamela Lord, Julie Moreno, Sonya Turner, Selina Wingard, Donna Winters
Boston Elementary School: Shawn McClellan
Carmel Elementary School: Susan Costa, Ann Harris, Dana Overton
CCSD Department of Special Education: Kerry Kiefer
CCSD Department of Transportation: Karen Bagwell, Arlene Baker, Debbie Bugg, Joe Burgun, Greg Caudle, Dorian Duke, Valerie Dunn, Patricia Harper, Van Hendrix, Jean Keesee, Sherrie Liford, Neal McConnell, Sharon Padgett, Dennis Roberts, Linda Salois, Jill Travis
CCSD Office of Human Resources: Sandi Carey, Karen Lay, Alison Moss
CCSD Office of Support Services: Van Hendrix
CCSD Office of the Superintendent: Renee Coleman
Clark Creek Elementary School STEM Academy: Jonathan Hall, Susan Selover, Cheryl Streiber, Teresa Wilkins
Clayton Elementary School: Kimbra Satterfield, Nancy Walker
Creekland Middle School: Denise Cooper, Angie Rubel
Creekview High School: Cynthia Blevins, Lenora Lewis, Michael Nayman, Sara Patrick, Chuck Wilson
Dean Rusk Middle School: Anita Geoghagan, Deborah Lanter, Lois Thom
E.T. Booth Middle School: Katherine Custer
Etowah High School: David Dunn, Kathleen Velueta
Freedom Middle School: Becky Buice, Arlene Freeland
Hasty Elementary School Fine Arts Academy: Lori Brackett, Rita Frady, Carla Scoggins, Clinton Shaw, Susan Thacker
Hickory Flat Elementary School: Kimberly Crowe, Brenda Mercer
Holly Springs Elementary School STEM Academy: Rhonda Mackinnon, Kristine Schabacker, Alison Vidal
Indian Knoll Elementary School: Phyllis Hunter, Leslie Skopik
Johnston Elementary School: Kimberly Costa
Knox Elementary School STEM Academy: Tracey Scott
Liberty Elementary School: Charlene Dalfonso, Rad Dixon, Maria McCall
Macedonia Elementary School: Nancy Baker, Daisy Moorehead, Kelly Zimmerman
Mill Creek Middle School: Athena Bennett, Paul Jones, Pat Parker, Diane Scott
Mountain Road Elementary School: Lori Bagwell, Pamela Cone, Dana Izquierdo, Shelley Sheldon
R.M. Moore Elementary School STEM Academy: Debra Barron, Stephanie Collett, Pauline Stanfield
River Ridge High School: Tony Ewers
Sequoyah High School: Elaine Dasher
Sixes Elementary School: Susan Dyer, Mary Alice Gresch, Jennifer Hall
Teasley Middle School: Karen DeSue, Kim Hold, Iona Strougo, Cynthia Wheeler
Woodstock Elementary School: Kathie Hosmer, Beth Johnston, Laurie Slater
Woodstock High School: Allen Domenico, Karen Zayance
Woodstock Middle School: Barbara Brensinger, Michael Choquette, Gale Connelly, Georgia Heard, Nan Mackenzie