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CCSD Student Artists Advance to State Reflections Competition

CCSD Student Artists Advance to State Reflections Competition

Sixty-one Cherokee County School District student artists are advancing to the state level of the annual PTA Reflections fine arts contest!

The national competition offers students in all grades and of all abilities the opportunity to create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts 2D and 3D.  Students can earn recognition at the school, district, state and national levels.  This school year's theme is “I am Hopeful Because ...”

School level winners advance to the district competition, with first-, second- and third-place awards presented.  The first- and second-place district winners advance to the state competition.  

The Cherokee County Council of PTA, which organizes the school and district levels of competition, recently presented districtwide awards.  PTA volunteers Hetal Pandya and Stephanie Quarles are serving as this year’s Reflection Chairs. 
“Congratulations to our award-winning young artists – we’re so proud of your creativity and dedication to the arts,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said.  “Thank you to the PTA for its longtime support of the arts in our schools and thank you to all of the teachers who encourage their students to explore the arts and who mentor them on Reflections projects.  I love this year’s theme – and ‘I am Hopeful Because ...’ of our outstanding students including these special honorees.  Best wishes as you advance to state competition!”

Congratulations to our winners who are advancing to state:

ACTIVE Academies
Jeremiah Foote, Grade 12 in Special Artist          

Bascomb ES
Pierce Rosser, Grade 1 for “Art Toons” in Film

Cherokee HS
Avery Hopson, Grade 11 for “I survived” in Film
Lorelei Sheldon, Grade 11 for “The Climb” in Dance
Evan Walters, Grade 12 for “We All GO Our Ways” in Dance
Sarah Whitaker, Grade 9 for “Spring Brings Hope” in 2D Art

Clark Creek ES STEM Academy
Rhaelyn Fishback, Grade 5 for “Tree of Life” in 3D Art
Myah Gossmann, Grade 5 for “My World Of Hope” in 2D Art
Rhonish Jena, Grade 4 for “What Hope Means to Me” in Music
Rishabh Pandya, Grade 5 for “The Greatness Behind The Dark” in Photography

Clayton ES
Sadie Smith, Grade 2 for “Let’s Pick Hopeful” in Music  

Creekview HS
Cathryne Belangee, Grade 12 for “I am Hopeful Because” in Literature

Dean Rusk MS
Cameron Womack, Grade 8 for “Even In Despair, Life Always Shines Through” in 2D Art

E.T. Booth MS
Chloe Okoth, Grade 8 for “Hope” in Literature
Esther Panga, Grade 6 for “Hope is Blind” in Literature
Keirthen Titus, Grade 8 for “Hopeful Stickmen” in Film and “Written” in Music
Megan Weber, Grade 6 for “Ending Hunger” in 3D Art

Etowah HS
Zachary Gonzalez, Grade 11 for “My bright future” in Photography
Rhys Moritz, Grade 11 for “Guardians of Liberty” in Literature
Rohan Pandya, Grade 9 for “A New Life” in 2D Art and “Across the Summit” in Music
Violet Paul, Grade 9 for “Those Who Reach Out” in 3D Art      

Free Home ES
Allie Hornsby, Grade 2 for “Where They Will Take Me” in Photography
Cora Little, Grade 2 for “Future Gymnast” in Photography
Lochlan Palmer, Grade 4 for “Put Me In Coach” in Photography

Freedom MS
Tyler Law, Grade 7 for “Peace for this world” in Photography
Alex Quarles, Grade 6 for “Reflections Of Hope” in 2D Art and “Hope in Heroes” in Film

Hasty ES Fine Arts Academy
Rubi Brunsman, Grade 4 for “I Am Hopeful” in Literature

Hickory Flat ES
Natalie Silverman, Grade 2 for “I Can Do Anything” in Dance

Indian Knoll ES
Callie Leming, Grade 5 for “having hope in hard times” in Film
Abby Rice, Grade 4 for “I Am Hopeful” in Literature

Johnston ES
Arya Mangine, Grade 3 for “The Sky Is The Limit” in 2D Art

Knox ES STEM Academy
Lawson Collins, Grade 2 for “Hope is Color in Darkness” in 3D Art

Liberty ES
Eloise Benson, Grade 4 for “Message in a Bottle” in 3D Art
Peyton Dunn, Grade 1 for “A Good Day At School” in Film and “Adventure at the Park: Picking Up Trash” in Literature
Reda Jadid, Grade 2 for “I Am Hopeful Because” in Literature
Hudson Nye, Grade 3 for “World Peace” in Photography

Little River ES
Aria Gray, Grade 2 for “Bee Hopeful” in 3D Art
Olivia Moore, Kindergarten for “This Is Me” in Dance
Annie Nettles, Grade 4 for “I Am Hopeful Because This Is Me” in Dance
Kinley Smith, Grade 4 for “I am hopeful Because” in Film

Macedonia ES
Samantha Gawlik, Grade 1 for “I am Hopeful Because I Can Be Anything” in 2D Art
Carter Woodall, Grade 1 for “Iron Hand” in Special Artist

Mill Creek MS
Saanvi Lamba, Grade 7 for “Attitude Determines Altitude” in Literature and “Universal Language in Music
Morgan Todd, Grade 7 for “I Can Do This” in Dance

River Ridge HS
Baileigh Borna, Grade 12 for “Circle of Hope” in Photography
Olivia Kennison, Grade 10 for “Hope For Nature” in Film
Rachel Lee, Grade 11 for “I Will Not Let Me” in Music
Anmar Moghrabi, Grade 10 in Special Artist        

Sixes ES
Ellie Grace Adams, Grade 5 for “Hope Allows Me To Dream Big” in Dance   
Addie Estes, Grade 1 for “I wonder” in Music
McKenna Baskett, Grade 4 for “My Hope for You and Me” in Music

Teasley MS
Leah Dixon, Grade 6 in Special Artist        
Dylan Saulinskas, Grade 8 for “Light will overcome darkness” in Photography
Afton Sheldon, Grade 7 for “Imagine” in Dance
Olivia Telo, Grade 7 in Special Artist         

Woodstock ES
Grace Gorman, Grade 2, for “Sunrise Brings Me Hope” in 2D Art