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CCSD School Nutrition Announces Plans for 2021-22 School Year

CCSD School Nutrition Announces Plans for 2021-22 School Year

Cherokee County School District’s School Nutrition department is beginning the new school year with announcements including that it will continue to provide breakfasts and lunches to all students at no cost to them … for the entire 2021-22 school year!


Continued USDA funding will allow for the department to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to students attending school in person and to distribute to-go meals at no cost to students learning at home and all non-CCSD students ages 0-18.  The prior announcement noted that this funding might be discontinued should the National State of Emergency end before the end of the school year, but USDA has confirmed the funding for CCSD will continue through the end of June. 

It remains critically important that all families who think they would otherwise qualify for free and reduced price meals to complete the easy online form at as soon as possible.  Families should fill out one form and list all of their children ages 0-18 on the one form.  If you prefer to fill out a paper form, please let your child’s school know; staff at the school also can assist you with completing the form.  These forms help CCSD earn federal funding to provide schools with additional teachers and support staff, academic instructional resources, and technology and internet access.  These forms also help students qualify for SAT, ACT and AP test scholarships and college application fee discounts.    


CCSD’s summer break to-go meals pick-up schedule ends July 26.  CCSD will begin its school year meal pick-up schedule on Monday, Aug. 2, for CCSD Digital Learning students and any non-CCSD students ages 0-18 who would like to receive a to-go meal bag of five breakfasts and lunches at no cost to them.  CCSD will email Digital Learning students’ parents an order form on Thursday mornings, beginning July 29, that will be due by 8 a.m. Fridays.  Parents of non-CCSD students ages 0-18 can use the order form that will be posted online at  Pick-up locations will be at all CCSD schools, and a schedule will be included in the email and on the website.


CCSD’s award-winning School Nutrition department also is continuing another program started last school year: Lunch Buddies!  If your child prefers to eat a lunch from home, please be aware that they also can benefit from the USDA grant funding.  Students can receive a portion of fruit, a grain-based side item, and a carton of milk at no cost to enjoy along with their lunch from home through the Lunch Buddies program.  All students need to do is come through the lunch line, select their three items and enter their cafeteria ID; the items will be recorded in their account, but they will not be charged.


Students can continue to purchase à la carte and extra menu items, like a second entrée or additional sides, for a fee.  When they enter their cafeteria ID at the cashier station, they will be charged for this extra items, but they will not be charged for the regular breakfast or lunch.  If you want your child to be able to make these purchases, please check the balance on their account at and add funds as needed throughout the school year.  You can track their no-charge meals and their extra purchases through this website.

For more information about CCSD School Nutrition, please visit  Questions?  Please contact 770.721.8419 or email

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