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CCSD Message: COVID-19 Update [1]

CCSD Message: COVID-19 Update [1]

As we prepare for the reopening of schools on Tuesday, Jan. 4, please be advised of several changes in CCSD COVID-19 protocols in response to new Department of Public Health guidance and the rising cases resulting from the Omicron variant.

We have revised our COVID-19 protocols for students returning to school after a positive test for COVID-19.  Instead of a 10-day quarantine, the required quarantine will be five days since symptoms first appeared if fever free for at least 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medications) and if symptoms have improved.  Upon returning to school after this five-day quarantine, students are encouraged to wear a mask until the 10th day from the onset of symptoms.  Employees who are eligible to return will be required to wear a mask until the 10th day.  If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please contact the school front office so a school nurse can review these protocols with you and so class notifications can be made. 

We will continue to use ParentSquare messages to notify parents if a student in their child’s classes, on their school bus and/or on their athletic team has tested positive.  We will continue to use these notifications as advisement; there are no plans to mandate quarantines due to close contact.  Based on community caseloads, we anticipate we will see an increase in reports of positive tests, which will mean an increase in these notification messages.  We will continue to post weekly case totals by school on our website on Fridays.  We will continue after-hours sanitization of areas affected by a positive test.  

Beginning this week, in an effort to reduce potential community spread, we will temporarily discontinue parent visits to the cafeteria and extended parent/volunteer visits to classrooms.  This temporary limitation will be reviewed on Jan. 21, with visitors possible as soon as Jan. 24.

We continue to closely monitor case levels among employees and students and the community at large, and communicate with the Department of Public Health and local hospital leaders.  As you know, we have worked closely with the health department to provide access to vaccinations and boosters to all interested employees, as well as priority testing for employees.  We have increased our pool of substitute teachers, increased substitute pay and instituted an emergency substitute plan using central office staff.  It is our hope that these steps will help us maintain our commitment to keeping our schools open for in-person learning.