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CCSD Expands Open CCSD Transparency Website

CCSD Expands Open CCSD Transparency Website

As part of national Sunshine Month, observed every March to highlight the importance of open government and transparency, the Cherokee County School District has updated its Open CCSD website.

CCSD is committed to transparency and accountability.  Open CCSD at [CONTENT_REVIEW InternalLink] was established in 2013 to provide the community with a clear understanding of its operations and stewardship of fiscal resources.  

The nationally recognized Open CCSD initiative meets and exceeds state and national standards for transparency and is continuously updated to provide new information.  

New this month, CCSD has added links to curriculum and instruction content, which already were available in other areas on the CCSD website, to the Open CCSD webpage as part of the “one-stop shop” design.

Also this month, CCSD has added a new system for sharing questions or concerns: the Ask CCSD Helpdesk. 

We ask parents to please share questions or concerns about their child’s education first with their child’s teacher and/or Principal as they can best address the majority of concerns.  Parents, CCSD employees and all citizens, also are welcome to share questions or concerns directly with CCSD through the Ask CCSD Helpdesk page.  After filling out a simple online form, the message is sent to the communications team, which engages appropriate CCSD staff in providing a response.  For example, a question about curriculum will be answered with information from the team of longtime outstanding teachers who now lead CCSD’s Office of Curriculum & Instruction.  The form also can be used to share concerns anonymously.  

If you have a non-emergency school safety concern, please continue to use CCSD’s Vector Solutions safe schools system [CONTENT_REVIEW InternalLink] that is monitored by school police and administrators; please use 911 to report emergency safety concerns.