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Teacher Appreciation Day Message from Mary Elizabeth Davis

Teacher Appreciation Day Message from Mary Elizabeth Davis

To Our Teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day, 

My admiration for teachers and the powerful impact they have on students’ lives is life-long.

As a child, I transformed my bedroom into a classroom, my Cabbage Patch Kids into students, my notepad into a grade book.

There, I would imitate my favorite teachers, modeling their magic that made me feel like I not only could master multiplication, but also anything else I put my mind to.  For several years, I preferred to answer to the name “Mrs. Stagliano,” my favorite teacher.  

When I became a teacher myself, I dedicated myself to honoring Mrs. Stagliano and the many amazing teachers who taught me, cared about me and inspired me.

As a high school chemistry teacher, I knew it was highly unlikely any of my students would pretend to be “Mrs. Davis,” but I dedicated myself to inspiring them all the same.  

Like you, I invested my time and energy into preparing and delivering the best lessons possible, and I opened my heart to build positive relationships.  One of my favorite traditions was writing each student a personal letter of encouragement before state testing.  When I saw students rereading their letters before the test started, I realized it was my “Mrs. Stagliano” moment.

Your investment into your students matters.  You are improving their lives and not just in your classroom this school year — you are impacting their lives and their future success. 

Over the past two months, I have seen your professionalism and the love you have for your work, your school, your colleagues and, most of all, your students.  I also have heard from our students’ families and our community how much they believe in you and value you.

I have not visited a classroom in our schools that I would hesitate to send my own children to join.  You have impressed me and reaffirmed my decision to join you in our now shared mission.  Your names aren’t the same, but you all are Mrs. Staglianos to me.  

Thank you for all you do — I appreciate you!

Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth Davis, PhD
Superintendent of Schools

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