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About Knox STEM Academy

151 River Bend Way | Canton, GA |
770.704.1265 Phone
770.345.4452 Fax

Mission Statement

Knox Elementary STEM Academy stakeholders are dedicated to fostering the social, emotional, and academic growth of all students.  We will cultivate curiosity, critical thinking and create real-world connections through effective teaching strategies and the integration of STEM education.  We see challenges as opportunities and believe that a growth mindset will empower students to reach their full potential. 

Vision Statement

Knox Elementary STEM Academy empowers all students and staff to reach and expand their potential by fostering a growth mindset, preparing every learner to successfully navigate present and future opportunities as risk takers, collaborators, and critical thinkers. 



At Knox STEM Academy we believe that: 

  • Students as critical thinkers are knowledgeable and able to solve complex issues. 
  • Students as creators are change agents with innovative ideas which they can use in all areas of their lives to solve problems. 
  • Students as collaborators are adaptable and solve authentic problems using reasoning and teamwork. 
  • Students as communicators are effective articulating opinions and conveying ideas.